About Alpine

Making A Difference, The Alpine Way​


Our Story

Alpine Payment Systems was founded in 2007 by two childhood friends who spent most of their adult lives working in the Auto Dealership world. Both wanted to find a new career that allowed them the flexibility to spend time with their growing families, and work with local companies in the Vancouver, Washington area. In the summer of 2017, they brought Darrell J Dirks on as a senior leader to refocus the companies financial health, with an aggressive growth planning and strategy. Before joining Alpine Payments, Darrell has been fortunate to have worked with some of the largest processors, First Data, Vantiv, and WorldPay. His goals is to align and reestablish Alpine Payments as an industry-leading solution while being fully transparent, and offering competitive pricing for small to medium businesses. In addition to our core offerings, we aim to provide unparalleled customer service, where real people answer the phones. We treat all our customers with the highest priority.

Core Values






Our Purpose

Be An Entrepreneur

We think and act like owners. 

All decisions require an investment of resources and offer expected benefits. When confronted with challenging choices, team members are empowered to make the decision they feel best supports the outcome as-if they were an owner.

Act With Urgency

We don’t wait, we act.

All Clients depend upon us to move swiftly. The world is rapidly changing; if we don’t act quickly, opportunities will be lost. Having a strong sense of urgency enables us to consistently deliver results and exceed expectations.

Problems Create Opportunities

Where others see difficulties, we find opportunities.

Our success is built upon creative scalable solutions to universal challenges.


No Excuses


Whatever it takes, we deliver results.


We hold ourselves accountable and do not let barriers stand in the way. Taking responsibility for solving problems makes us unique; we get it done.


Passion to Win


We are competitive in everything we do.

We believe that healthy competition drives superior performance. We reinforce strengths and overcome weaknesses to achieve greater heights.


 The Office, Downtown Vancouver

1111 Main St Suite 201

Vancouver, WA 98660

Not sure where to start?

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